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Normal and Combination Skin

Let us transform your skin using the latest skin therapies and products that we tailor to your individual needs and goals. L'AMI facials are customized based on your skin type, conditions and concerns. Each facial can be adjusted based on what our skin experts find during your consultation. If you are looking for something special, just ask us. We will be sure to find the perfect treatment for your skin. Our goal is to help you love the skin you’re in.

*Please note that facials are different from peels & treatments.  Please visit Advance Treatments page for more info.*

MINI FACIAL     (30 min, $80)

This treatment is ideal for the working professional on the go, developed to get your skin back into shape, rebalancing, smoothing, stimulating circulation and restoring hydration. This mini-facial includes cleansing, pore refining exfoliation and an organic mask. Recommended for normal, dry, sensitive & mature skin but not for problematic or congested skin. *Extraction is not included.*Add-on extraction: $20





Our Refresh Facial will rejuvenate and revive dull and damaged skin with L'AMI premium Organic skincare.  This relaxing facial treatment for all skin types that includes deep cleansing, pore vacuum, muti-vitamin serum for skin nourishment follow by LED Photo-Facial.

*Extraction is not included.

*Add-on extraction: $20

L'AMI CUSTOM FACIAL     (60 min $120)

 *Recommended for new client 

Let us custom design a facial for you. After a private complimentary consultation to discuss your skin's needs; we will look at how you work and play, and what your goals are. From there we will design a treatment or series of treatments to help you choose the way you face the world.


A universal facial treatment suitable for all different skin types. This is a deep relaxing aromatherapy facial treatment which cleanses, refines and hydrates the skin. L'AMI organic skincare products are combined with acupressure massage that leaves the mind relax and the skin radiant and moisturized.

ANTI OXIDANT FACIAL     (60 min, $110)

This facial removes and eliminates environmental pollutants/free radicals in the skin that breaks down the collagen and elastic fibers. It will re-balance and illuminate your skin while building strong and healthy skin cells. This non-surgical face lift combats “aging” with a concentrated nourishing minerals ampoule of Vitamin A and E, and Botanical extracts that leaves the skin toned and hydrated.

L'AMI SIGNATURE FACIAL     (60 min, $120)

Our Signature Facial is indicated for all skin types. Includes complete initial facial skin analysis and ongoing individual treatment recommendations.

Mild exfoliating, relaxing facial consists of a 60 minute treatment session: cleansing, toning, enzyme mask with facial steam and hydrating moisturizer with SPF 30. Neck and shoulder massage.


Start with natural cleansing process. Our lymphatic system is responsible for our immune system and waste removal. When fluids build up it will cause tiredness and make us more susceptible to catching illness. This massage technique will clear blockages by massaging the lymph nodes; it will free your body from toxins and create a stronger immune system. A deep cleansing facial that eliminates tiredness and congestion follows the massage, revealing a flawless, shine free and refined complexion.

AYURVEDIC HERBAL FACIAL     (60 min, $120)

The Skincare Industry's most up and coming treatment! This facial focuses on anti-aging, rejuvenation, and repair, by using only natural ingredients that are customized according to one's constitution. There are 3 types of face therapies:

Vata (Air): This rejuvenating facial combats dry, dehydrated, aging, stressed, and tired skin. The skin is cleansed and toned with rejuvenating massages, herbal masques, anti-aging serums and creams. 

Pitta (Fire): In this facial, the skin is treated for acne, redness and sensitivity. It includes cooling therapy, a deep cleansing herbal formula, toning, extraction, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

Kapha (Water): A facial for combination skin, addressing the conditions of both Vata and Pitta faces.

PREGNANCY FACIAL     (60 min, $120)

This luxurious 100% Organic facial was created for the expectant mother with her needs and comfort in mind. Created to address hormonal fluctuations, puffiness, dehydration and other common concerns, this nurturing facial will calm, hydrate and balance. Gentle massage and the use of “baby-friendly” ingredients will set the pregnant or breast-feeding mother at ease.



MICRODERMABRASION (DIAMOND PEEL) TREATMENT     (30 min $80  ~   60 min $120)

Our Microdermabrasion Treatment or Diamond Peel uses an innovative device that enables the performance of

laser cut, diamond resurfacing treatments.  The polishing action of a laser cut diamond tip is combined with the

cleaning action of a vacuum to removes dead and damaged cells at the skin's surface, smooth skin and enhance

facial glow.  By eliminating these surface cells with microdermabrasion, the skin is left soft and supple while forcing

the regeneration of new skin cells.


 Microdermabrasion treatment have been documented to effectively minimize the appearance of:

• Scars 
• Hyperpigmentation 
• Fine lines 
• Sun damaged skin 
• Blemishes 
• Dull and congested skin 
• Uneven skin tones and textural damaged skin 
• Enlargened pores



  • Customize Masque___________$15

  • LED-Photo Facial_____________ $45 

  • Add-on extraction for $20

  • Add-on Facials (price depends on type of facial) _______

HEALING MASSAGE      (20 min, $70)

This natural and holistic therapy is designed to help those that suffers from tension and migraine headaches.

Your Scalp, Face, Neck and Shoulders are massaged with lavender, peppermint and botanical extracts and warm compress to help you relaxing and relief from tension.



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