Skin Lightening Treatment


We've adopted a full range of safe yet effective and natural whitening treatments that not only rejuvenate your mind but will give you a fairer, more even-toned skin from head to toe.

L'AMI Skin Lightening Facial 

(30 min $90)                                                                                                            

For hyperpigmentation skin and/or dark, dull skin

Non toxic chemical ingredients. Only Natural products.


Our Lightening Signature Facial infused with Natural Licorice, Kojic Acid,

Glutathione, and Vitamin C are the active ingredients for this treatment.

Includes deep cleanse, enzyme fruit peel, facial massage with Skin-Lite

Technology follow by a Whitening Arbutin Mask.

Free Add-on (for new client) Photon LED Therapy to even out your skin tone.

If Add-on to facial only: Neck/Hands/Feet Whitening Treatment: $85 each

Multiple treatments recommended for best results.


Underarms Whitening with Skin-Lite

Swiss Technology   (25-30min, $90)

This procedure combines the synergistic benefits of exfoliation by Koji,

Glycolic Acid and Arbutin. L'AMI whitening and super whitening serum

infusion. Follow by our latest Skin-Lite Technology. 

Multiple treatments recommended for best results.

L'AMI specializes in Body skin-lightening;

Pricing Per Session.

Knees - $110

Hands or Feet - $120  

Inner-thighs - $180

Bikini Lines - $200

Labia Major -  $250

Anal Bleaching $300

For Combo Treatment or other areas. Please contact for more info and quote.

Multiple treatments recommended for best results.

(Please email photos or schedule consultation for evalutation)