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Oily and Congested Skin


For problematic skin and congested pores. Antibacterial agents and extractions. Next , Antioxidant serums are used to nourish the  skin followed by organic green tea and vitamin C mask is appled to soothe, purify , and leave the skin radiant. Finally, Photon LED Blue light has an anti inflammatory effect and can kill bacteria.

DETOX CORRECTIVE FACIAL      (60 min, $120)

Designed for oily, congested skin. Includes cleansing, enzyme and ultrasonic peel, deep pore extractions and relaxing facial, neck and shoulders massage.  Revive those sluggish cells with our re-balancing facial mask, rich in trace elements, minerals and vitamins. As this complex nourishment recharges your skin, optimal oxygenation regulates vital functions to reveal a bright, healthy, and a luminous complexion.

DIAMOND PEEL TREATMENT     (30 min $80  or  60min, $120)

Our Diamond Peel Treatment is a gentle form of microdermabrasion that works miracles on oily skin. This corrective treatment helps reduce visible signs of scaring, and fine lines, as well as improving overall skin texture and color. The diamond tip wand mechanically alters the epidermis and invigorates cell renewal to create a healthy, balanced skin surface.

*Excellent for scar revision (acne, chicken pox, or even surgery scars), as well as discoloration and melasma.

Add one of our Facial or Chemical Peel to your Microdermabrasion treatment for optimal results!

Add-on extraction $20

ENLARGED PORES REDUCTION   (price based on size & method of treatment) 

The size of our pores has some biological component. For example, often we can say the oilier the skin, the larger the pores. As we age, sometimes pores enlarge further. These enlarged pores can trap dirt and oils, creating an uneven or dirty appearance to the skin. Fortunately, there are treatments to help minimize the pores, and improve their appearance.

L'AMI specializes in treating large pores with Stem Cell and cosmeceutical topical preparations. 

*Please contact us for a quote & to see if you are a good fit for this treatment.

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